Laser-Focused on Digital Marketing Results

We remove the barriers to business growth and fill your pipeline with new sales opportunities with your ideal clients.

Laser-Focused on Digital Marketing Results

We remove the barriers to business growth and fill your pipeline with new sales opportunities with your ideal clients.


Many businesses struggle to attract their ideal clients and customers.

At Ad Genius, we solve this problem by deploying digital marketing strategies designed to multiply your reach, squeeze every ounce out of your budget, and help you confidently scale your business.

Who is our ideal client? Thanks for asking! Those we serve best operate businesses in the professional or high-ticket home service industries, and their primary goals are lead generation and profitable business expansion.

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About Us

Discover the Ad Genius Journey: Empowering Your Business Growth

Ad Genius is more than a marketing agency; we're your strategic partner to develop and implement a profitable action plan that transcends traditional advertising. Our mission is to pivot your brand from being merely visible to being invaluable to your ideal customers. With a firm grip on the latest marketing trends and a commitment to making your brand a pervasive presence, we pave the path to success for your business.

Our Mission

By making our clients massively successful, we make ourselves indispensable.

1. Sharpen Your Offer

Effective marketing should simultaneously attract the right people and repel the wrong people.

At Ad Genius, we don’t just clarify; we distill your offer to its most potent form, turning your biggest client problems into magnetic solutions that pull in the right audience.

We craft messages that don’t just fill your pipeline but ensure it overflows with prospects who are not merely interested but ready, willing, and able to convert.

2. Target Your Ideal Customers

If you try to reach everybody, you may not reach anybody.

We put the right message in front of the right people at the right time. Ad Genius delivers precision-targeted narratives that seep into the hearts and minds of your most sought-after prospects.

We leverage innovative strategies to ensure your message becomes an irresistible echo in the minds of those who need you most, turning prospects into dedicated followers.

3. Profitably Grow Your Business

Unless you're receiving a return on your investment, you're doing it wrong.

We serve up rich, actionable insights and track key performance indicators to ensure that your audience engagement stays on target, converting strangers into raving fans.

We ensure you have the data and insights you need to optimize for growth. Our strategies and collaboration keep you aligned with your goals, ensuring you can scale with confidence.


Troy Dinsdale, CEO

Central Florida Power


Ad Genius has been amazing throughout my time with them. My Solar lead generation has been better than anything else out there currently, and my cost has been low also. Brett and his team have been committed to our success from day one, and it has truly shown! Highly recommend them!

Justin Farris, CFP, CPA

Farris Capital Management

We partnered with Ad Genius to rescue our broken lead gen system. We were suffering from low engagement in our ideal market. Brett has gone above and beyond in his effort to create an updated website that is fully functional and ready for the next phase in marketing and ad placement. Ad Genius moved heaven and earth to deliver for us, on-time, and within budget. We highly recommend Ad Genius to other wealth management firms and professional service providers.

Ken & Anya Stoltzfus

Gate Beautiful Construction

We own a growing luxury home renovation business in southeastern Pennsylvania. Ad Genius has consulted with us through our various stages of rebranding as we have upscaled and continued growing in our niche market. His accommodation to our specific needs, budget, schedules, and lead processing has been very prompt and efficient. He is on the cutting edge of social media developments and SEO changes, advising and directing us to adjust so as to make the most of every dollar. His efforts have gone much deeper into our company goals and processes so that our company truly reflects our branding and can deliver as promised! We have appreciated Brett’s consultative approach to sales and marketing and the energy he has for excellence in his work!

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Ad Genius is a strategic partner agency. We cracked the code for businesses seeking scalable growth. Our digital marketing strategies amplify your digital reach, optimize budgets, and fuel confidence as you scale your company. Perfect for pros in high-ticket industries, we're focused on lead generation to nurture cold leads into raving fans.

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